Working with North West Ambulance Service, LDC provide solutions for local communities, businesses, sports clubs and schools in Lancashire to access high quality life-saving defibrillators and training at affordable prices.

Primarily originating in West Lancashire, LDC have raised monies for 22 community public access defibrillators, the first eight of which are already in place in public access areas throughout the district. Click here to view the map of defribrillator locations.

Using the support of North West Ambulance Service and their mapping facilities, Lancashire Defibrillator Campaign is now working on the next 14 cPAD’s and their locations. By liaising with Parish Councils, Community Groups and Sports Clubs and North West Ambulance Service, Lancashire Defibrillator Campaign are able to identify exactly the areas most in need.

Lancashire Defibrillator Campaign offers free Heart Start sessions which covers the concept of CPR and the use of/awareness of a defibrillator.  Have a look at our Training  page to see the Courses and book onto one.

Many fundraising events including the ‘Rudolph Run’ enable LDC to continue its vital work. If you would like to support the Lancashire Defibrillator Campaign please click here.

Defibrillator Locations

View Lancashire Defibrillators in a larger map